Tinctures are an easy and versatile way to introduce CBD into your life and daily routine. Simply take these under the tongue, mix with any food or drink, or add to your favorite vape juice!

People tell us that 500mg is a good basic dosage for mild pain, anxiety, stress, and more.

This product is PET FRIENDLY, and is a great way to help pets dealing with social, aging, or chronic conditions. The general rule of thumb for dosage is .25ml per every 20lbs. Try dosing according to your pet's weight, and feel it out. Some animal companions need more, and some need less.

THC FREE - these are nonpsychoactive, and do not contain any THC. Lab results and testing available, simply scan the QR code on the product label, or contact us anytime!

500mg CBD + CBG Tincture

    Washington, DC