Namaste and welcome to AK Aveksha, Washington DC’s introduction to the union of Ayurveda and Hemp. We work to provide customers with all natural and sustainably sourced products, to support healthy living and to foster a proactive lifestyle of care and mindfulness.


Our name Aveksha is a Sanskrit word for “care”, symbolizing our deep commitment to the community around us, and providing the highest standards possible in our offerings.

The AK stands for Aalayam Karunaalayam - "the Supreme Abode of Compassion" - a term first created by the great sage Adi Shankaracharya in the early 8th century. This is representative of the great love we put into all of our efforts!


Our recipes and methods stem from Ancient Ayurvedic healing practices, combining thousands of years of medicinal and spiritual knowledge with innovative delivery methods.

Our in house line mainly features Cocoa Caress, a healing topical infused with full spectrum cannabinoids and a plethora of beneficial herbs and potent essential oils.

Our goal in operating this business is to help educate, elevate, empower and heal people with the powerful combination of Ayurveda and Cannabis. Through these modalities, we hope to build bridges and support local communities in their endeavors for creating a more positive lifestyle for all, and to build prosperity for generations to come.

Picture taken in May 2019 right after our founder had shaved his head at the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu, India. (Left - Guhan (Brother), Right - Adhu)


Founder and CEO

Picture taken in April 2019 during an iconic cannabis culture event run in Philadelphia hosted by our amazing friends at Revive POC - a ​new millennial radio show brought to you by "Proof of Consciousness". 

Picture taken January 2019 with Julian Banister of Banister Athletics, one of our long-standing partner organizations dedicated to fitness, health, and an elevated lifestyle. 

Adhithyan R. Krishnan (Adhu)

Our founder initially started researching into and experimenting with CBD as a non-psychoactive modality to provide pain relief to his brother after a traumatic 50 foot fall to hard concrete. This led to establishing strong relationships with other chronic pain patients suffering from a wide variety of pains and illnesses. We started by producing infused teas and honeys, but quickly pivoted to topicals after seeing the improved bio-availability and quick action effects. This led to the genesis of Cocoa Caress, which started with three simple ingredients (smelled like chocolate due to the unprocessed cocoa butter, hence the name) and has bloomed over time into a complex and incredibly potent healing formula, unlike any other currently available.


In those initial stages, as we saw the way this small product crafted by our own hands changed lives, we realized we needed to protect it, improve it, and create a real business. Our founder scraped together what spare cash he could (~$200) and got to work. Since then there have been many CBD companies that have attempted to copy and replicate our proprietary blend, but we are blessed to remain competitive, and to have a loyal following of patients, parents, advocates, and athletes, people from all walks of lives. We are eternally grateful for you all, and promise that as long as blood runs in our veins, we will continue to uphold a higher standard of care for you, and for generations to come.


A big part of that is education, which is why we are focused on spreading this knowledge, and in learning more ourselves. Our founder is currently taking a Masters Clinical Course in Ayurveda and Herbal Healing part time while continuing operations to help supplement and boost our understanding of the bountiful nature around us. May God, the Spirits, Ancestors and Elders light the way forward, and provide us all a way to heal. Learn + Build + Grow = Prosperity  

As always we love to hear from you, feel free to email, text, or call us anytime to discuss any questions and concerns, or to set up a consultation to help us better understand your needs. 

Washington, DC