Our 1,000mg Full Spectrum Tinctures are made with simple and natural ingrediants, and are vegan friendly. We infuse MCT oil from coconut with high grade lab tested medicinal hemp flowers (less than 0.3% THC), along with full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich extracts to create this quality formulation. The result is an authentic full plant tincture containing a variety of cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes, vitamins, minerals,fatty acids, riboflavin, chlorophyll, and more.


Tinctures are an easy and versatile way to introduce CBD into your life and daily routine. Simply take these under the tongue or infuse directly into food or drink. When taken sublingually, it is recommended to keep the oil in your mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing for best results. Our tinctures can also be applied topically. 

This tincture is packaged in a 30ml UV resistant container, with approximately 33.33mg of full spectrum Hemp per ml. The included dropper is marked with measurements from 0.25ml to 1ml. The general safe practice is to start with a small dosage and to increase as needed. Every person is unique, and experiences will vary based on metabolism, body type, and personal health etc. Feel free to schedule a free consultation or contact us with any questions! 


We can not make any medical claims, but we certainly CAN encourage you to visit our reviews and testimonials page at https://www.akaveksha.com/reviews 


All of our hemp healing products are federally compliant, third party lab tested, and made with medical and therapeutic grade inputs. Lab tests are posted on our website, and are also available directly on the product label via QR code. 



1,000mg Full Spectrum Tincture

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