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The Healthy Union of Ayurveda and Hemp.

Built to Educate, Elevate and Empower Individuals for better health and lifestyle.

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Our products are put through a vigorous three stage testing process. We test the raw inputs, infusion, and the final product at an Independent IAS Certified Testing Facility.

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Honesty and Transparency are two of our biggest values. Check out what people are saying about us. All reviews and testimonials are raw and unedited, posted as submitted.

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Resources and Links:

We understand it can be difficult to navigate the world of Hemp and CBD. Here is a quick list of resources you can start with to learn more about the science, health benefits and impacts, legalities, and what to look out for. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Happy Healing!

From the Government:

Topical Application of CBD: 


Safety and Side Affects: 


CBD for Anxiety and Sleep: 


From Our Friends:

CBD How - Start here if you are completely new, or want frequently updated information: 


Cannabis in Ayurveda: 


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